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Last year began with something shifting in me. I was a bit hungry. Hungry for something new, something more. Without knowing it, I began manifesting a deeper life, one that is filled with more soul talks, healing, stories and people.

We began last year with the sale of a house, the purchase of a new one, the loss of a hope, an exhausted existence of hormones, lack of sleep and too many decisions to make that we put in that back space of our minds for another day. We also began the year with excitement for a new space, a new beginning, a cultivation of calm.

I find it amazing to look back on a year and remember what all took place. My year was upheaval and chaos and finding calm within chaos. It was excitement and planning, and healing and inviting. It was FULL to the brim with struggle and perseverance, joy and pain, triumph and losses and finding my voice. And boy do I have a lot to say. It was a year of beginnings for me that I’m so excited to bring forward to this year.

My year with photography was filled with pushing my limits, gaining new friends, being brought to my knees by women’s stories, motherhood in all of its raw and real and beautiful insanity. It was full of sand and salt water, goddesses and babies. It was full of connection, emotion, raw and true, story, moments, touch, LOVE. It was full of You. Thank you for last year.

This year brought the motherhood sessions with it, which I LOVE doing, so so much.

I felt myself expand this year in creativity and imagination, trusting my soul to guide me, to see you and capture you in all of your beautiful and raw, perfectly imperfectness.


I met amazing people this year who inspired me with their vulnerability and beautiful souls.

I got to work with Thief and Bandit and stretch my creative posing muscles! 

And Faire Child! ❤️

I photographed a beautiful wedding not the coast of New Brunswick

Some of my most favourite work happened this year all thanks to you!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for the best year yet! I love you all! And I’m sorry it was so long. I suck at culling. 


p.s. I’m so excited for 2019!!



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