I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars…” Walt Whitman

“On those frosty mornings when I grab my camera and tripod, and head out into the meadow behind my house, I quickly forget about me. I stop thinking about what I’ll do with the photographs, or about self-fulfilment, and lose myself in the sheer magic of rainbows in the grass; in the multi-coloured prisms of back-lighted crystals. I am lost in a world of glittering lights and dancing colours. I experience myself in what I see, and the result is a tremendous exuberance which helps me make the best use of my camera, and which lasts long after the frost has melted.” Freeman Patterson

Carlye emailed me when she was 25 weeks pregnant with her twin girls for a maternity session. We met at sunset at a beach and spent the next 45 mins together. Less than a week later, I received a text from her telling me her girls were earth side. These beautiful girls arrived so much earlier than anyone hoped but they fought hard along side their parents a big brother Lennon and over the next three months gained weight and strength. They are now 8 months old and thriving and living on Prince Edward Island, which is where I got to meet them for the first time. Being a parent is hard work. Really hard. Being a parent of multiples is mind blowing and body rocking hard. Everything you knew about raising a singleton can be chucked out the window, cause this is a whole new ballgame and most of the time you are covering all the bases, pitching, catching and batting all the same time. But! There is a also a sacredness to this. The breathes are deeper, the joy is tangible, the immensity of the entirety of being a parent to multiples can also bring with it profound grace, an immeasurable pride in kicking every day’s ass, even if that means just barely surviving, and a fragility of emotion that is heightened, that is palpable and that serves you well, if you are capable of letting go and letting in. There is also a bewilderment that encompasses your days, and they pass by, one after the other as quickly as they begin.

I take photographs to capture the beauty that surrounds us in ways that we often don’t see. Life can wrap us up so easily in its constant demands of do and go that we forget to sit and take notice.  I photograph to hold up a mirror to you, to say “Look! Look at your beautiful story! Look at the moments of intimacy, these moments that pass by as quickly as the sun melts the morning frost. See the way you move his hair out of his eyes for him? The way you juggle, balance and love all the way through? See the way you take a deep breath and continue to dive in the deep end, knowing full well that drowning is possible, but doing it anyway because soon he will be a teenager with his first crush, and soon she will be graduating from University and buying her own house? See these moments, take notice!”  I take photographs of you sitting in your fathers office rocking back and forth while your babes fall asleep at your breast because oh so soon, they won’t be searching for your breast, instead they will be asking for the food off your plate. I see the honest happiness to sit there while they nap on you, even though I’m certain there are millions of “to do’s” going through your mind. This moment is what matters. And this moment is worth remembering. I take a photograph of you buttoning up her shirt for what is probably the thousandth time because so soon she will be saying “no, I do it” and you’ll want to remember that squirming squishy babe in your arms while you did up her buttons. I take your photograph so that even in the hardest times, the times when you think you aren’t connected, you can’t possibly do this, you will have a tangible reminder that you indeed, are their superhero and you are doing it and have been doing it this whole time. These moments are worth remembering, they are your life and no less than a journey-work of the stars.


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