“Watch myself compassionately from a little distance” Rohr

Last weekend, Alissa Kloet, along with the help from yoga instructor, Linda Theiu and artist extraordinaire, Judith Brannen, hosted our very first Anchorage Retreat, a creative escape.

The retreat was a space for women to come together, slow down, and become the sacred observer. It was a time to disconnect from the everyday and begin again to pay attention. Through mindful exercises, active participation, and self reflection, we hope we provided you with the space to dig in, attend, and connect with your self, surroundings and others. We intended this retreat to be a time to anchor your self and rediscover the joy of observation. I feel like we succeeded at this. I felt attended to, I felt like I finally slowed down and was able to take that breath that I have been waiting to take for what feels like forever. I also feel like the weekend gave me renewed energy to jump back into my busiest work season.

The goal is to keep hosting these retreats, the next one by a cozy fire, snuggled with hot drinks and warm blankets sometime in January. You can subscribe to my newsletter to stay tuned for more news about that to come. In the mean time, here’s some images from the weekend that I hope leave you with wanting to attend the next one 😉 A great big thank you to Judith Brannen for hosting the watercolour workshop, and to Linda Thieu for teaching the best yoga class I’ve ever been to!

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